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Welcome to Get Check, where user privacy is paramount. This Cookies Policy outlines how we use cookies and similar technologies to prioritize safety, trust, and transparency in our mobile app. Drawing inspiration from Meta's Cookies Policy, we aim to provide a clear understanding of our practices, ensuring legal compliance and user-friendly communication.

What are Cookies, and What Does This Policy Cover?

  • Cookies are small text pieces used to store information on web browsers, including identifiers and other data on various devices. In this policy, we collectively refer to these technologies as "cookies."

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We may place cookies and receive information stored in them when you use or visit:

  • The Get Check app
  • Products provided by other members of the Get Check community
  • Websites and apps provided by other companies that incorporate Get Check technologies.

This occurs whether or not you have a Get Check account or are logged in.

Do Other Companies Use Cookies in Connection with Get Check?

  • Yes, to improve services, other companies may use cookies for advertising, measurement, marketing, and analytics on Get Check. These cookies help tailor ads, measure performance, and support various features. Details about these companies can be found in our disclosure.

How Can You Control Your Information?

  • We use cookies to personalize content, improve services, and show relevant ads. You can control data usage for ads and more through the following tools: