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Check strengthens communities by reimagining
how citizens and police interact using technology.

Check App strengthens communities by reimagining how citizens and police interact using technology.


Instead of a vehicle being the place where an officer and a motorist first meet, they can connect using a smartphone. Read More.


Check facilitates safe interactions between police and motorists over mobile devices, taking stress out of the traffic stop for all. Read More.


Good Morning Texas interviews the man behind the virtual traffic stop app. Founder and CEO of Check, Michael Odiari. Watch Video.

We save lives with
safer traffic stops

Traffic stops are dangerous for motorists & officers. Check is the only all-in-one solution that enables safe contactless interactions between drivers and law enforcement during traffic stops.

Check improves safety & efficiency for everyone




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The Only All-in-One, End-to-End Solution

The Only All-in-One,
End-to-End Solution

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Check significantly reduces the potential of physical altercations during traffic stops by enabling motorists & law enforcement to speak and provide documents virtually. We also capture a recording of each traffic stop.

Consent First

Consent First

Data is encrypted beginning with your first interaction and can only be accessed after you provide consent. Consent must be granted for each individual use, including use by us.

Secure Data

Data Security

Our end-to-end encryption ensures all of your information and documents are protected.

Ticket Pay

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Save time & money by paying traffic tickets directly through our app. No more needing to request time off from work or wait in long lines at the local courthouse.

Here's how we all benefit

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We help motorists gain peace of mind by easing the tension associated with routine traffic stops. Bypass the potential for any physical altercation by speaking with law enforcement virtually. Send documents (including driver's license, registration, insurance, etc.) securely and digitally. Then if applicable, receive and pay tickets through our secure system.

Traffic stops can be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable parts of the job. Our technology empowers law enforcement to execute the entire traffic stop process virtually. Speak with motorists, collect and verify documents, and issue citations digitally from the comfort of your vehicle.


Law Enforcement

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No more wasting valuable employee hours on intaking and processing payments for traffic violations. Increase productivity by focusing attention on pressing matters.