A Safe
Traffic Stop

Check allows for contactless traffic stops.
Making them safer & easier for everyone.

Check allows for contactless traffic stops.
Making them safer & easier for everyone.

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We save lives with
safer traffic stops

Traffic stops are dangerous for motorists & officers. Check is the only all-in-one solution that enables safe contactless interactions between drivers and law enforcement during traffic stops.

One Click Does It All

Simply open the app & click "Start Call"
Check automatically does the following:

Open the app & click "Start Call"
Check automatically does the following:

Sends an SMS text to your emergency contact with a link to view the traffic stop in real-time

Provides digital copies of your ID, without the need for reaching

Records & saves a video of your traffic stop

A community driven to create change

A community driven
to create change

The All-in-One, End-to-End Solution

The All-in-One,
End-to-End Solution

Video Chat

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Check significantly reduces the potential of physical altercations during traffic stops by enabling motorists & law enforcement to speak and provide documents virtually. We also capture a recording of each traffic stop.

Consent First

Data is encrypted beginning with your first interaction and can only be accessed after you provide consent. Consent must be granted for each individual use, including use by us.

Secure Data

Data Security

Our end-to-end encryption ensures all of your information and documents are protected.

Ticket Pay

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Save time & money by paying traffic tickets directly through our app. No more needing to request time off from work or wait in long lines at the local courthouse.

Check improves safety & efficiency for everyone




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Here's how
we all benefit

Here's how we all benefit

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We help motorists gain peace of mind by easing the tension associated with routine traffic stops. Bypass the potential for any physical altercation by speaking with law enforcement virtually. Send documents (including driver's license, registration, insurance, etc.) securely and digitally. Then if applicable, receive and pay tickets through our secure system.

Traffic stops can be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable parts of the job. Our technology empowers law enforcement to execute the entire traffic stop process virtually. Speak with motorists, collect and verify documents, and issue citations digitally from the comfort of your vehicle.


Law Enforcement

Law Firm


No more wasting valuable employee hours on intaking and processing payments for traffic violations. Increase productivity by focusing attention on pressing matters.

How You Can Help

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We are a community dedicated to better the communication between the people and their government.

Miscommunication leads to disastrous consequences and disastrous consequences with proper communication is inexcusable.

We aim to bridge that gap and instill more accountability and transparency throughout the entire process.

In a traffic stop, navigate to the Check App and click “Start Call” to:

  • Video record your interaction with the officer
  • Send an SMS text to your emergency contacts to invite them to watch a live stream of the traffic stop
  • Show the officer your Digital ID. No more need for reaching

Phase 1 

Check is your Safety Assurance during a traffic stop. We are your citizen body cam and eye witness during the traffic stop.


Phase 2

Check is your first interaction with the police officer during a traffic stop. You can securely transfer your documents to the officer and interact first from the safety and comfort of your phone screen. The officer would not have to leave their vehicle and approach, unless they have suspicion to do so. 


Phase 3

Check is your end-to-end citation resolution service. Resolve your citation in minutes without ever having to interact directly with the court. We will get you the best rate possible, make citations more affordable, and properly educate you on how to resolve so you can make the most educated decision possible when resolving.

So you can be able to show these documents to the officer without having to reach for anything.

No, Check is currently a web app. Soon we will be on the App Store and Google Play Store. Feel free to save Check to your home screen in the meantime!

No, Check will always be free to use. 

All Check data is encrypted and stored using Amazon Web Services and MongoDB.

We believe in consent first. No one, even the Check team, has access or the ability to decrypt your information unless you give implicit permission to do so. 

  1. Click the red “Get Check” button
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter your SMS One Time Passcode
  4. Add you First Name, Last Name, annd Email
  1. Enable an emergency contact and add at least one contact. This enables the “Start Call” button to appear
  2. Complete your Digital Drivers Card:
    • Scan your driver’s license
    • Add you License plate number & State
    • Take a picture of your vehicle Insurance card

While Check was designed to help facilitate safer traffic stops, many members in our community have used Check in other situations.  

Our female university students believe the Check app assures a safer experience when walking back to their dorms at night. 

Many of our community members in New York don’t own vehicles. They use the Check app when law enforcement approaches them on foot.

Check can be used to record and add witnesses to any and all unsafe interactions. Check can also add comfort and piece of mind in situations where a digital drivers card is needed.

At the end of the day what we care about most is providing safer interactions for everyone in our community. 

Check is a small passionate startup based in Austin Texas.

We are a collective mix of passionate activists, engineers, security specialists, and startup enthusiasts.