Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

As a motorist all you need to do is signup by scanning your drivers license and car registration. If you are pulled over an officer will now be able to send you a text invite to join a video call and exchange your drivers information virtually.

How much does it cost?

It is free for motorists to signup and use the service.

How does an officer know I am registered?

If you are pulled over by an officer registered with Check, they will be able to see the registered drivers associated with that vehicle. We also offer car decals if you want to ensure an officer knows to check.

Can I have multiple drivers to one car?

Yes, you are able to add multiple vehciles and multiple people associated to them.


Help Save a Life

Tell friends & family to get Check so if they ever get pulled over they can video chat with law enforcement.


We would love to hear from you whether you have a general question, want to join the team, or anything else.

Saving Lives is Our Mission

Our goal is to create a virtual communication channel for governements and citizens to interact, stay informed, and work together to build stronger communities. Connect with us to share your story and spread the word so we can create real reform.

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